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So ... und nun noch ein "Treatment-Protocol von Charity Shirey, ergänzt mit Anmerkungen von mir (in erster Linie zu den verwendeten Medikamenten).

Diese Auflistung zeigt, daß da bei uns noch Luft nach oben ist was die Kombination und auch Auswahl der Medikamente angeht ...

Here is a summary of general treatment advice as well as my story of how I beat HG. It's long but useful if you're looking to beat HG! This is based on my own and other HG ladies experiences as well as research and protocols from helpher.org and other medical studies. Please ask questions if you have any! Knowledge is power in the fight against HG!

Before pregnancy - find an ob that will see you and prescribe you meds as soon as you get a positive test. If you can find one with HG knowledge that's even better but I have yet to find that for myself! Talk to them and put together a treatment plan. Discuss medication options as well as other options like home care and where to get iv fluids. If they won't cooperate, find a new one!
You may do supplements if you wish. It's hard to nail down what each individual needs and some women don't see improvement after supplementation but it doesn't hurt!

Stage 1 of med treatment:
Start diclegis/unisom (doxylamine succinate) right after you get a positive test ( Diclegis hat als Wirkstoff Doxylamin und Pyridoxin= Vit B6), Bei uns ist Doxylamin als “Hoggar night” rezeptfrei zu bekommen und wird auch von manchen Frauenärzten bei gegen HG verschrieben) Unisom hat als Wirkstoff ebenfalls Doxylamin.
If for some reason you can't take doxylamine then Benadryl (Wirkstoff Diphenhydramin, bei Embryotox gelistet, bei uns z.B. unter dem Handelnamen Betadorm, rezeptfrei) or dramamine (Wirkstoff Dimenhydrinat - “unser Vomex A”) or meclizine ( = Meclozin = Agyrax) could work as a substitute.
Magnesium, in spray form
B1 (thiamine), B12, B6(methylated or "active" is best, don't take B6 if you're already on diclegis)
There are other supplements you can take, and of course your prenatals but these are universal for HG.
*START MEDS AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE PREGNANT* Do not wait until you are sick, meds are much less effective after HG starts. Starting early is what makes the biggest difference for most women.
Ich würde Magnesium und die B-Vitamine nicht vernachlässigen – speziell Vitamin B1!!! , dazu aber an anderer Stelle mehr. Es gibt aber Frauen, die auf B12 und B6 mit mehr Übelkeit reagieren)

Stage 2 of med treatment:
Start after your first symptoms poke through your diclegis/unsiom.. Don't wait till you feel really bad. The first hint of nausea should be your indication. This is when you start adding in more meds to work in combination. I will detail some meds and their properties below. The goal should be 3-5 meds by the middle of your first trimester. Everyone will have a different ideal combo but I will give examples of mine below. *if you are already sick, skip right to a full med combo.

Stage 3 of treatment: When HG gets really bad despite proactive treatment or you did not get good treatment early and are already very sick and a good med combo is not working. Get IV fluids/IV therapy if you get dehydrated. Usually rule of thumb is 24hrs of not keeping fluids down but you can always go earlier if you are dehydrated. Make sure they give you vit b1 in your IV because it gets deficient extremely quickly in hg women. Since oral meds are not working well enough its time to consider other options:
-Steriods: HelpHER steriod protocol http://www.helpher.org/hyperemesis-gravidarum/treatments/steroid.php (Siehe auch Corticoid-Therapie oder Cortioson-Therapie)
-Zofran or reglan pump
-Gabapentin (laut Embryotox eher zweifelhaft, individuelle Beratung nötig)
-ng (feeding tube) to help administer meds and nutrition while reducing risk of vomiting
These are great treatment options with minimal risks for you and baby and can be highly effective for severe HG that is not responding to other treatment. Work with your doctor to figure out if you need to continue some or all of your oral med combo while using these options.

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